If you are unsure what time of year to get married, it can all get a bit confusing. You might be toying with the idea of getting married abroad in the heat or you might be thinking of a romantic winter wedding, right here in England. Whatever ideas you have at this point, it’s important to consider all of your options.

Below, A.T. Beauford has looked into the things that can make a Christmas, winter wedding truly magical – and festive too!

What makes a Winter Wedding Magical?

From the venue through to decoration, transportation through to themes, we have delved into the things that might lean you towards choosing to get married at Christmas time (maybe even this year!).

Winter Wedding

The Great Hall at The Queen’s House

Should you be looking for Christmas wedding venues in London, you might be shocked to know that The Great Hall at The Queen’s House is a legitimate option. It might not be an obvious contender but we believe The Queen’s House is the perfect venue to get married.

Is there actually a better place to get married than The Queen’s house? There might be, yes, but probably not on this planet.

All jokes aside, this venue seats up to 120 people and is ideal for both small and large families. After getting married at The Queens House, you certainly won’t forget about it in a hurry.

The Great Hall at The Queen’s House

Winter Wedding Transport

What better way to show up on your big day than in a classic wedding car?

With a range of motors to choose from, A.T. Beauford can help you find a vehicle that suits your winter themed wedding. We offer a vast range of wedding cars that are available to hire throughout the whole year.

From a classic Beauford to a stylish limousine, we have an elegant range of cars here to suit your needs. Whether you require transport for 1 or 10 people, we can provide you with romantic transportation that ties in with your white winter wedding.

White Beauford

Christmas Themed Tables, Decorations and Accessories…

Over the winter period, it’s only right that you have a Christmas theme throughout your day or decorate your tables with festive cheer. Whether you choose to have mince pies surrounding your tables or Christmas crackers, there’s definitely no better time than Christmas!

There are several things you can do to make your day more festive over the winter period. This might include any of the following:

  • Mince pies and crackers on tables
  • Milk and cookies for the children
  • Christmas carols
  • Why not even arrive on a sleigh?
  • Christmas cards for invites
  • Christmas themed meal (Example – Prawn Cocktail, Traditional Dinner, Christmas Pudding)
  • Christmas Trees
  • Maybe even a visit from Santa?


The power is in your hands. Although ultimately, it depends on how much you love Christmas. If you are looking for a more wintery feel, rather than revolving completely around Christmas, white décor, transportation, flowers and furnishings can help to make the day a magical one.

Table Decoration

Cloisters Suite

Get into the festive spirit and book your wedding venue at Cloisters Suite. Offering a stunning wedding venue that seats up to 200 people, this is ideal for any wedding, at any time of the year. With Christmas already bringing warmth and cheer, this could very well be the icing on the cake with such a stunning place to hold your wedding.

Cloisters Suite

Fake Snow

No one in the world can click their fingers and make it snow. If we could control the weather, we’d likely be living in blistering heat all year round. With that said, it makes sense to consider using fake snow. This way, you know that you are guaranteed snow on the day of your winter wedding.

Artificial snow has been at the forefront of many weddings throughout Winter where real snow can not always be guaranteed. Not only that, it can snow at any time. Fake snow is perfect for winter wedding photographs and entrances. It won’t melt and it’s not cold either…


For those of you thinking about a winter themed wedding, an A.T. Beauford vehicle can really enhance the occasion. Contact us today to make a booking or to ask any questions relating to the vehicles we have within our range.

As always, thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more wedding tips and tricks with you in the near future!