Known as an ‘oasis of luxury in the heart of London’, The Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road really is something special. This magnificent grande dame hotel is a breath-taking retreat of sophistication and serenity, the perfect place for your wedding. With your big day being one of the most important days of your life, ensure it’s magical by hosting your wedding at this truly enchanting hotel in the heart of the world’s finest city. The Landmark Hotel is a fantastic place for weddings, imagine the photographs, just exquisite and magical.

Choosing the grand and glamorous suites at The Landmark Hotel has become a popular spot over the years and more and more people are choosing to tie the knot at one of the most magnificent hotels in central London.

Happily Ever After at The Landmark Hotel

With enchanting interiors which ooze glamour, world-class cuisine and luxurious accommodation, The Landmark Hotel provides the perfect ingredients when it comes to making your wedding sensational. From a fabulous family and friend-filled day to intimate family gatherings, the hotel is perfect for your wedding day, however unique it may be. What’s more, the team at The Landmark Hotel are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your special day is exceptional

The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone is without a doubt one of the foremost luxury wedding hotels in London. Home to a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly wedding planners, they can be on hand to advise on menus, decorations, photographers and entertainment to suit all of your requirements. They’ll take the pressure away, ensuring you can enjoy your special day, after all this will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

As well as this grand hotel being an exquisite background for your wedding photographs, The Landmark Hotel is also within a few minutes walk to the beautiful Regent’s Park, whilst a photography permit is required, it’s another brilliant opportunity for those amazing wedding photographs.

Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens, are only an 8-minute drive away and also provide another excellent wedding photo opportunity. With the rose gardens in full bloom, this stunning park is a great place to capture those moments of true love.

Just over the road from The Landmark Hotel, The Old Marylebone Town Hall is situated, the town hall has just undergone a 4-year refurbishment and hosts ceremonies every day of the week as well as having 7 stunning ceremony rooms to choose from. Another iconic venue in London, The Old Marylebone Town Hall is a great option for your wedding or civil ceremony and close enough that after the formalities, you can head over to The Landmark Hotel to celebrate. Find out more information on The Old Marylebone Town Hall website.

Perfectly located with an exceptional team in an ‘oasis of luxury’ and exclusivity, what more could you want? The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone is just fabulous and will guarantee your wedding is fondly remembered in years to come.



History and Heritage

Originally one of London’s railway hotels, The Landmark Hotel opened in 1899 and was the idea of Sir Edward Watkin of the Great Central Railway. He envisioned the hotel to serve Marylebone Station as the hub of international railway which would run through a channel tunnel.

The ambitions were over adventurous which led to the hotel’s site being sold to Sir John Blundell Maple of the furniture company, Maples. Whilst Marylebone station is one of the smallest of the central London terminals, the hotel is amongst the grandest of London railway hotels. Architect Colonel Sir Robert William Edis themed the hotel build as eclectic and opulent and features a large clock tower built around a large central courtyard.

After the advent of the motor car, railway traffic inevitably fell, and London’s railway hotels became vulnerable as they were no longer considered the ‘most fashionable districts. The Grand Central Railway then fell out of use for 40 years, until the second world war when it served as a military office building.

The late 20th and 21st century saw a demand for luxury London hotels, leading to the building being purchased by a Japanese company and reopened in 1993 as The Regent, London. In 1995 it was bought out again by the Lancaster Landmark Hotel Limited, it was then renamed The Landmark Hotel and operated how we know it today.

With this rich and romantic history, whilst being known as one of London’s first and foremost grand hotels, there’s really no competition, The Landmark Hotel is the most perfect London wedding venue.



Thinking of Getting Married at The Landmark Hotel

Located in one of London’s more prestigious areas, this is an excellent place to tie to knot. As well as celebrating your wedding, you’ll be able to visit the hotel in years to come, rekindling your special day every time. Hosting your wedding at The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone will be just wonderful.


AT Beauford have you covered

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Should you be looking for a wedding venue like no other, The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone is a fantastic place for your wedding. The stunning décor and an exquisite ceremony along with AT Beauford’s wedding cars, you’re guaranteed to leave an impression on your guests. Your wedding day will be spoken about for months If not years when you choose The Landmark Hotel as your wedding venue, not forgetting your amazing arrival in AT Beauford’s wedding cars.