There are many reasons as to why wedding transport is an important factor of your big day. From the lavish cars to the feeling it gives as you approach your wedding venue in style. Whether your wedding venue is just a few miles away from your home or somewhere further afield, A.T. Beauford are here to help ensure your big day is remembered in the best way possible.

An Occasion to Remember

Tying the knot should be a one time occasion. A massive commitment to another person is no small thing, and although too many people take marriage for granted, we believe the majority still see getting married as a big deal. Binding your love to another person on one special day is truly magical, so why wouldn’t you want to pull out all the stops and ensure both you and your guests have a remarkable day?

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, so it makes sense to go all out. With that thought in mind, A.T. Beauford have compiled a list of the reasons why we think wedding transport is extremely important.

Reasons to Hire Wedding Transport

Below, we have listed the reasons why you should consider hiring wedding transport for your big day:

  • It’s the biggest day of your life, you need to feel special.
  • Imagine how many heads you will turn on your arrival to the venue.
  • Just picture the photographs in your mind. They will be remarkable.
  • Our cars simply ooze romance, offering personality and flair.
  • Vintage cars can add a traditional, elegant touch to any wedding.
  • Once you’ve hired the cars, you don’t have to worry about being late. Our chauffeur driven service will ensure you arrive on time.
  • Vintage cars offer historic significance, making your day simplistic yet impressive.
  • Bridesmaids, grooms men, parents or close relatives can all travel safely.
  • It could well be the best entrance you make in your life.

Asides from the birth of your children, or travelling to space perhaps, your wedding day will generally be the most memorable day you will have in your lifetime. For what it takes to hire a beautiful wedding car, it’s definitely worth having a sophisticated and elegant entrance on your big day.


Choose A.T. Beauford

If you are looking to create memorable moments on your wedding day, hiring a wedding car is one of the best ways to go about it. For a reliable and reputable wedding car hire service in London, A.T. Beauford are here to help. Simply give us a call today to discuss your wedding transportation needs and we will do our all to ensure our service meets your requirements.

Did you know?

If you would like to check out our range of cars before you tie the knot, our cars are available for viewing prior to your wedding day. This is perfect for those of you who are looking to get everything prepared in advance. Don’t worry though, our cars will always be washed, cleaned and ready for viewing.

Check out the range of wedding cars we offer to grasp an idea of the kind of transport you would like on your special day.