Luxury Wedding Car Hire in Romford

Vintage and Classic Wedding Cars for Hire

A.T. Beauford offers a wide range of wedding cars in Romford for hire. We offer some of the finest cars available for your wedding day, from classic to vintage cars, you are sure to find the perfect car for your wedding day with A.T. Beauford! We believe that wedding cars are complete works of art, some, in fact, have been used in films and promotions! On a day to day basis however, the cars are used purely for wedding car hire, serving our customers wedding needs in Romford and other surrounding areas.


Wedding Car Hire in Romford
Wedding Car Hire in Romford

Do you want to travel in a sophisticated fashion on your wedding day? If so, then the luxury range of wedding cars that we offer are the perfect choice of transport for you!

Unbeatable Wedding Chauffeur Service

A.T. Beauford has a team of highly trained chauffeurs ready and waiting to provide a top standard service for our customers in Romford. If you are seeking a safe, reliable and elegant mode of transport for your special day in Romford then A.T. Beauford’s wedding car hire service is a perfect choice.

We provide a high standard wedding car hire service ensuring complete customer satisfaction, no matter what. Just take a look at our testimonials for evidence of our happy customers and referrals. A lot of our work comes from word-of-mouth, which is solid proof of our hard work and dedication we put into every wedding car hire.

A.T. Beauford believes that our service is unbeatable, so no matter your needs or requirements we will specifically tailor our wedding car hire service to suit you!

The right level of elegance and sophistication can often be a difficult thing to achieve, sometimes being overdone or lacking in certain departments. With A.T. Beauford however, you can rest assured that the wedding car hire service we provide oozes sophistication and elegance. We will ensure that our service is perfectly suited to your tastes and dreams so that your special day is one to be remembered for years to come.

Whether you have your wedding day completely planned down to the very last detail or are seeking the skills of a professional, A.T. Beauford is always here and happy to help. We will work closely with you to ensure that our wedding car hire service in Romford fits into your wedding day and everything flows with no worry or stress.

Travel swiftly and comfortably in a timeless classic with A.T. Beauford. The range of both classic and vintage wedding cars that we offer are proven to ignite a warm and romantic feel to your arrival, making your special day even more memorable for both you and your guests. Watch heads turn as you roll up in one of the luxury classic or vintage cars!


Chauffeur Driven Wedding Car Hire in Romford

A.T. Beauford doesn’t just provide classic and vintage cars for wedding car hire in Romford, we also specialise in a chauffeur driven service too. When you have been picked you up from your chosen location, we will safely transport you to the destination of your wedding. We provide a range of wedding cars, giving you a great choice of transport that is guaranteed to suit your special day and wedding theme (if applicable).

Within the range of wedding cars that are available for hire, there is a variety of both classic and vintage cars, some dating back to the early 1900’s! If the idea of a vintage or classic car sounds like a perfect touch for your wedding day, then search no more and give A.T. Beauford a call today.

Whether you are seeking a vintage or classic car to suit your wedding theme, A.T. Beauford has an array of wedding cars to suit your needs. The range of wedding cars that are available for hire in Romford include:


For further information on any of the wedding cars, please feel free to give us a call today, we can provide additional information of the cars and can even arrange a day for you to come and visit our range. It’s good to know that A.T. Beauford is always just a phone call away when looking for a professional and reliable wedding car hire service in Romford.

We’re proud to offer our wedding car hire service throughout the surrounding areas of Essex including: Chigwell, Epping and Woodford.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wedding car hire cost?

Prices for wedding car hire in Romford can vary depending on a number of factors. Think about how long you need the car for, the car you’d prefer, the distance that needs to be travelled and the date you are looking to book for. All these things considered will help us to create your personalized quote.

Where can I find wedding car hire near me?

If you are looking for local wedding car companies in Romford, A.T. Beauford will gladly assist you. Specialising in chauffeur driven wedding cars in Herts, we can help you to find your dream car.

Which wedding car company to choose?

It’s not always about the best price, there are other factors to consider. Be sure to find out about any additional costs when gathering quotes to help ensure you get the best deal. Some companies include ribbons and alcohol in their prices, so it’s worth taking the time to learn what you get as part of the deal.

Who is the best local wedding car hire company in Romford?

The best company is the one that meets your requirements. Your wedding day experience should be one that you never forget, so think about what matters to you. For some people it’s all about the car and for others it’s all about finding a company with a nice chauffeur. The best company for you will help to make sure your wedding transportation is memorable.

How far in advance should I book my wedding car?

Most couples will start looking for a car around 6 months before the wedding. It’s advised to look sooner rather than later to ensure you manage to get your dream car for the date you require. You will have far more choice when you look earlier, so don’t leave it too late.

Areas we Cover

When it comes to wedding car hire in Romford and London, A.T. Beauford are one of the leading choices in the local area. Get in touch if you are interested in finding out about any of the following:

  • Classic Wedding Car Hire
  • Vintage Wedding Car Hire

To find out the prices of any of our wedding cars, visit our wedding car hire prices page.


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