Take Your Vows 135 Metres Above London

Every wedding day is special, and the London Eye provides a spectacular setting for your celebration, can you imagine taking your vows 135 metres above London surrounded by all of your friends and family, with the stunning views of the London skyline as your backdrop.

Many people think of the London Eye as a tourist attraction, a lovely place to visit with your family to enjoy a view of London whilst accompanied by 30 other tourists. But make no mistake about it, this iconic wheel is actually a very popular place to engaged and married too!

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Love is in the Air

The London Eye has been voted the most romantic location in London, and indeed the UK. Second only in the world to the Eiffel Tower, in fact. Of course, the stately glide through the sky and the breath-taking views play their part, but what else puts this iconic London landmark on top of the list for lovers?
You could just imagine a classic British rom-com reaching its climax in one of the capsules, couldn’t you? But you don’t need any movie magic to add the romance on the London Eye, where the real magic is the experience itself.

Did you know that over 5,000 couples have proposed on the London Eye since it opened in March 2000, and there have been 529 weddings and civil partnership ceremonies? And where there’s romance there are bubbles: on February 14 each year the number of bottles of champagne consumed on the London Eye increases by a whopping 500%.

What is the London Eye?

The London Eye may look like a giant Ferris wheel, but it is, in fact, the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, which means it’s supported on one side only.
Located on the banks of the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye dominates London’s skyline, offering visitors 360 degrees of spectacular panoramic views across the capital and beyond from their custom-designed glass capsules.

The views stretch for over 40 kilometres. On a clear day, you can even see Windsor Castle in Berkshire. The sleek, contemporary and simply designed wheel towers over historic landmarks, symbolising everything London is today: a seamless blend of history and modernity.

London Eye Special Experiences

The London Eye is a truly spectacular and unique wedding venue where you can take your vows with the backdrop of breath-taking views across the capital. The flower-adorned capsule accommodates up to 20 guests to share your special ceremony with you. The civil ceremony is performed by a registrar from Lambeth Registry Office.

The wedding package includes two rotations, the first in which the ceremony is performed, and the second to enjoy champagne and canapés, and toast the happy couple.

Classic Package

  • Decorative flowers inside private capsule
  • Two rotations on the London Eye (1 hour)
  • Dedicated London Eye civil ceremony co-ordinator
  • A glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne

Celebration Package

  • All items listed in the Classic Package
  • A selection of canapés
  • A glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne for each guest in any additional guest capsules
  • Choice of a hand-tied bouquet or four buttonholes
  • Optional upgrade to Pommery Brut Rose
  • A Cupid’s Capsule to celebrate your first wedding anniversary

What You Need to Know About Getting Married at the London Eye

So how does one carry out their fairy-tale wedding at a pride laden place bursting with originality? Well, it’s quite simple! Couples can book an all exclusive private capsule for their guests that have been solemnized by a well-known registrar, designating from the registrar office in Lambeth.

Each wedding capsule has been decorated to absolute perfection. You’ll find an exquisite array of fresh blooming floral decorations whose aura uplifts the mood for a timely celebration. As your capsule floats at the very top height of the Eye, your Registrar will ensure you and your better half are pronounced as man and wife in absolute glory and cheer. How thrilling is that?
As you slowly descend to ground level, the newly married couple, alongside their guests can enjoy a champagne toast and a lot of pictures of course. Who needs a backdrop when you’ve got a surreal view of London in your background?

Although the idea of tying the knot in mid-air is surely one comprising of sheer surrealism and fantasy, it’s important that the couple involved isn’t afraid of heights, here are some other things you should know about getting hitched at the London Eye.

It Can Be Expensive

The one thing that you must know is that the wedding at the London Eye can be an expensive affair. As to how expensive? That varies based on different seasons and other similar factors. However, do keep in mind that if you are low on a budget, and you want to get married there, it is better to save up because it does not come for cheap.

You Can’t Invite Many People

One of the most important things that you must know about getting married at The London Eye is that you cannot invite a lot of people. Point is that if you want to have a small wedding and you do not want to invite a lot of people either. The London Eye is perfect.

You’ll find it capable of holding up to 16 people, which is perfect for having a small tight-knit ceremony with only your closest family and friends.

Of course this is something to bear in mind as you may find yourself a little bit limited by only being able to bring such few people to your ceremony, but it also gives you the ability to limit your ceremony only to those who mean the absolute most to you, celebrating in a private capsule, with flowers, champagne, and everything you need to make this day as special as it deserves to be!

It Makes an Amazing Wedding Experience

Another thing that you need to know that getting married at the London Eye makes up for an amazing experience that is full of so many memorable moments that you cannot simply overlook. So, that is a really important thing that you should know.

Should We Get Married in the London Eye?

Well, that is not for us to decide. This is what we can tell you though, as you most likely already know your wedding day is likely to be the most unique and unforgettable day of your life, and as a result, it should be treated as such! So why not couple that with getting married at one of the most unique places in London, allowing for some to the most spectacular views and incredible memories.

Imagine the beautiful shots we’d be able to capture for your wedding day, and how startling and dazzling the final wedding video will look, with the incredible natural lighting shining in from all angles of the capsule and the stunning views of London’s breath-taking skyline.

In total you will be 135 meters above the ground, overlooking the River Thames, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and many other unique British monuments.
The London Eye was actually the highest viewing point in the whole of London until The Shard was built and overtook it in height. None the less, it’s hard to deny that the view from the top of this wheel is something worth experiencing on your wedding day.

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