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When it comes to weddings, one of the most popular wedding transportation options is classic wedding cars. Over the years classic wedding cars have seen a huge surge in popularity which many people wanting a car that stands out from the crowd, it’s easy to see why cars like the Rolls Royce Cloud II and the Studebaker 1927 have become some of the must-have cars.

With a range of great features and aspects that many modern cars simply don’t offer it’s easy to see why many people are opting to choose classic wedding car hire, for their big day. Some of the most popular cars include the Studebaker 1927 Vintage, Rolls Royce Cloud II and the Ivory Beauford.


Studebaker 1927 Vintage

The Studebaker 1927 has seen a huge surge in popularity in the UK and has become one of the must-have cars when it comes to classic wedding car hire. Once highly popular in the USA and used regularly by both the police and mob, it’s perfect for any Bonnie and Clyde couple on their wedding day. The 5-seater vehicle can comfortably sit the bride or groom and their wedding party to and from their wedding venue. As a beautiful classic wedding car, the Studebaker 1927 Vintage offers truly unique wedding transportation.

Rolls Royce Cloud II

The classic Rolls Royce Cloud II was introduced in 1959, coming with a massive 6.2L, V8 engine; weighing in at 2.11 tonnes the car provided both reliability and speed. With a smooth and crisp exterior finish, it’s long fronted body with trademark Rolls Royce Emblem, creates an elegant and classic look. With just over 2000 produced, the Silver Cloud II is one of only a few hundred left in operation, meaning you’re sure to stand out when it choose it for wedding car hire.


With a range of Beaufords coming in white and ivory, it makes the perfect classic wedding car. Beauford is a British, family run automobile company that’s designed to offer a classic and timeless look, with its unique body shape. The long-fronted bonnet with flowing wings creates a luxury feel. Coming in 4 door variations and both hard and soft top versions the Beauford is the perfect car to hire for any wedding day. As a timeless classic wedding car, with a modern engine, it provides the ability to keep up with modern day traffic while being able to stand out from the crowd with a car that’s quite rare to be seen.

Daimler Limousines

When it comes to needing a classic vehicle, sometimes something a little larger than a car is required, that’s why a Daimler Limousine is the perfect wedding transportation for people needing a larger vehicle. Comfortably being able to seat 7 passengers, they offer a spacious wedding transportation for any couple or their wedding party. With a classic shape and long body with elegant chrome lines, the classic limousine stands out compared to modern limousines. With a choice of colours and styles to choose from, the Daimler Limousine offers unique transportation for any wedding day.

Daimler Limousines

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