Asian Wedding Car Hire London

Luxury Asian Wedding Cars to Hire in London

The team at A.T. Beauford are often asked to provide wedding transportation for Asian weddings, including luxury cars and limousines for:

  • Sikh Weddings
  • Hindu Weddings
  • Bengali Weddings

In a range of Asian communities and cultures, weddings provide the perfect opportunity for people to come together for rich and vibrant celebrations. Because of this, it’s extremely important that transport reflects the lavished theme of the day. Luxury motors, such as Rolls Royce, Chrysler and Bentley are often top of the pile, with sports cars, stretch limos and old-fashioned, vintage style cars also playing key roles on occasions.

Our chauffeur driven Asian wedding car hire service is offered to a wide range of clients in London and the nearby, surrounding areas. Throughout London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent areas, we have developed a solid reputation for the wedding car services we provide, offering a deluxe range of fancy motors that are highly suited to a range of Asian Weddings.

We cater for a range of Asian Weddings

Asian weddings are usually grand and elegant, catering to everyone from close family to distant friends. With upwards of 500 guests usually attending Asian weddings, it’s important to have the right transportation for your family and wedding reception.

No Asian wedding is complete without the perfect wedding transportation. The wedding cars we have available provide an ideal way of adding luxury to your special day and the celebration itself.

Our chauffeurs are very experienced and respectful of all aspects involved during Asian wedding ceremonies. All of your requirements will be met and we’ll do our best to ensure the cars we provide are nothing short of perfect.

Indian Bengali Weddings

One of the most popular types of wedding we cater for is Indian Bengali weddings. During an Indian wedding, the groom is sent a car from the brides’ side and he’ll ride it with two male relatives; this will be one from his side of the family and one from the other side. Before leaving for the ceremony, the groom will be blessed by his mother and he’ll formally seek permission to begin a new life with his wife.

The Indian Bengali wedding ceremony is a long, but beautiful and meaningful, ceremony, and something we love to be a part of. We are one of the leading Indian wedding car hire specialists in the London area, and, with years of experience behind us, we understand what’s involved in each ceremony and what our role is on the day. Allow us to play a part in your Indian wedding ceremony with one of the luxury wedding cars we offer on a local basis.

Hindu Weddings

Wedding transportation plays a key role in most traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies as the wedding can span across more than one location. The Dulham and Dulha (bride and groom) are required to have a civil ceremony at a registry office so that their marriage can be recognised under the UK’s marriage law.

The ceremony will also consist of a blessing which takes place at a temple, so the need for a flexible Hindu wedding car hire service is a must. The ceremonies themselves can last several hours with several journeys often required to complete the ceremony. Thankfully, A.T. Beauford offers versatile wedding car hire services to cater to the various ceremony types that take place within various Asian cultures.

Sikh Weddings

Sikh weddings will usually take place in a Sikh temple (Gurdwara), with celebrations taking place at a separate venue afterwards. For this reason, bespoke transport packages will need to be created to cater to the different transportation’s.

One-way or return journeys are generally not required for Sikh weddings, so the need for the wedding transportation that caters for three, four, five and sometimes six journeys are required. Sikh weddings often run over two or more days, spanning over full weekends and occasionally longer. The need for a flexible Sikh wedding car hire packages is vital and is something that has been considered by A.T. Beauford.

We can provide transportation for every day of the Sikh wedding ceremony, from start to finish. With professional chauffeurs at our helm, we can ensure we cater to the various requirements of Sikh weddings and those set to play key roles. Generally speaking, Sikh weddings are full of luxury, colour and vibrancy. There is usually a considerable amount of prestige behind the ceremony, so the need for a sophisticated vehicle is paramount.

The Cars We Offer for Asian Weddings

We provide a range of wedding cars suitable for any Asian wedding celebration. Some of the cars we offer for Sikh, Hindu and Indian Bengali weddings include:

  • Rolls Royce Cloud I
  • White and Ivory Beauford
  • Studebaker 1927 Vintage
  • Chrysler Limousines
  • Hummer Limousines
  • Rolls Royce Phantom

These are just a few of the popular cars we offer for Asian wedding ceremonies. So, if you’re in need of Asian wedding car hire in London and you’re wanting to view the cars we offer, be sure to get in touch with A.T. Beauford.

Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost

As well as Sikh, Indian Bengali and Hindu weddings, we also cater for Punjabi, Pakistani, Chinese, Shaadi and Muslim wedding ceremonies.

Contact A.T. Beauford for Asian Wedding Car Hire in London

If you’re in need of Asian wedding car hire in London, then A.T. Beauford can help you moving forward. We can give you details regarding dates of availability and pricing, providing you can outline the details of the wedding day, including times etc.

A.T. Beauford is huge fans of Asian wedding ceremonies and loves to play a significant role in any couple’s special day. With a diverse range of beautiful cars to choose from, we have something to meet the need of all our clients.

Please take the time to fill in our contact form and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively, call us directly on 020 8368 5225.

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