It’s understandable that anyone getting married would want to meticulously plan each detail. After all, your wedding day is one of the most unforgettable events of your life, filled with happiness and joy, laughter and, of course, love. You won’t be satisfied unless everything is perfect, which is totally acceptable.

You’ve found the perfect dress, an amazing venue and chosen your guests. But what about your wedding transportation?

Hiring a Classic Car for your Wedding

If (like many others before you) you want to make a grand entrance on your wedding day, you’ll no doubt be considering a range of wedding cars for your special day. Here we look at the top 9 reasons why we feel you should hire a classic car for your wedding. Let’s begin!

1. Making an ENTRANCE

Making an entrance is an important thing for some people. Your family and friends will usually already be at the venue waiting for you to arrive, so why not turn up in style?

2. Impressing your GUESTS

A lot of couples will look to impress the guests on their wedding day. A grand venue, scrumptious menu and luxurious dress will undoubtedly impress, but there’s nothing like a class car to turn a few heads. Not only will your guests be impressed, all eyes will be on you and your classic car as you travel to your wedding venue to tie the knot.

3. It’s YOUR Day

A classic car provides the perfect way to travel to and from your venue. It’s your day and everything should be perfect!

4. Adding a VINTAGE Touch

A lot of people will cross wires when thinking about classic and vintage cars, though most classic cars will have a vintage feel about them. If you take interest in things that are vintage, you’ll likely be interested in hiring a classic car for your wedding day.

5. It fits the THEME

It might be that the theme of your wedding is based around a particular era. Hiring a classic car for your wedding day will help you to recapture the setting of times gone by.

6. Something for HIM

Classic cars are wonderful; however most couples will openly admit that hiring a classic motor would be for the groom’s benefit. If your spouse to be is a real car enthusiast, why not surprise him with a classic car to make his day even more special?

7. Trying something NEW

If you’ve never travelled in an extravagant car before, it might be your one and only chance to travel in one. Try something new, tick it off your bucket list and book a classic car to escort you to your wedding.

8. It makes for great PHOTOS

A beautiful motor will help you to create beautiful memories. There’s nothing quite like a wedding photo with a classic car in the background. You might only have the car hired for a few hours, you’re your memories will last a lifetime.

9. You need to get to your wedding VENUE

Last but not least, you need a way of getting to your wedding venue. If you’re looking for wedding transportation, why not take the time to hire a classic car to take you to and from your wedding venue on your special day.

When you are looking for a classic car for your wedding day, be sure to consider chauffeurs in London.